5 Things You Need To Know About WhatsAd Ads

5 Things You Need To Know About WhatsAd Ads

An ad is simply an abbreviation for the word advertisement.

WhatsAd uses advertisement to generate cash for their marketers. And also to help advertisers market themselves or their company to the world.

These are 5 things you should know to stay on top.

  1. Ads are golden

Never underestimate the power of ads especially on WhatsAd. If you want to get paid an ad is definitely your ticket.

2. Submit your proof

Still on how to make your money, also make sure to submit your proof clearly depicting the number of views.

3. Ads have a timeline.

Advertisers pay per view for their ads, and so it’s to their discretion the number of marketers they need. And subsequently, pay for only these marketers. So no worries if an ad is taken/full, better luck next time

4. Do not forget to turn your notification on

Don’t miss an ad. Be the first to get on. Set up notifications to help you stay ahead of the game

5. Download

Download your add post on your status and get paid!

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