This article covers both Advertisers and Marketers. We’ll begin with Advertisers first. You can scroll further down to the Marketers part if you’re a Marketer.

What is WhatsAd?


WhatsAd is a platform used by businesses to promote their products and services on WhatsApp Status, Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories and Snapchat. WhatsAd uses the “stories” feature that is available on all major modern social media platforms.

In addition, all Ads are promoted on all the major social media platforms (feed) including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

The Ads are shared accross these platforms by verified Marketers who are registered on the platform.

Delivery and reach of the Ads are guaranteed, as each Marketer is required to submit proof of work/share before being paid.

The WhatsAd platform allows for businesses of any size to reach any target audience of their choosing. Some of the metrics we offer include, but not limited to:

  • Age groups
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Interests
  • Tertiary Students
  • Working and non-working class
  • Country
  • City

This means an Advertiser or business can choose any or all of these target audience when setting up an Ad campaign.

User Groups on WhatsAd

A. Advertisers

Advertisers are businesses or sellers who wish to promote their products and services to any of the available target audience.

An Advertiser can simply topup his account and upload his flyer. The platform then handles everything from distribution to analytics once the Ad is approved.

How Much Do I Need To Post An Ad On WhatsAd?

Advertising is a process that works best when done regularly. In order to reach more people, it is recommended to choose a high budget (GHS100 is recommended).

With WhatsAd, you can start from as little as GHS10. This gives you 10 Marketers on the platform who will share your Ad on their WhatsApp Status.

Each Marketer is required to reach at least 50 people with your Ad. That means for every GHS10 you spend, you will reach a guaranteed 500+ people with your Ad.

That means if you budget GHS100 (which we recommend) you will get a guaranteed reach of 5000+ people.

The more people see your Ad, the more potential it has to convert viewers to leads and paying customers.

How to create an Ad on WhatsAd

Before you can create an Ad on WhatsAd, you will need to topup your account first. You need to have at least GHS10 in your WhatsAd wallet.

To topup your account, login and go to your wallet. From there, you can topup your account

Topup at least 10 cedis. The higher the amount the better the reach, as this will let you get more reach

Always note one Ad is not enough. Create at least 5 if you want to get more results and reach

The Process: 

Go to:

  • Create Ad > Select Image, Description, etc
  • Ad will be approved within minutes
  • Marketers are sent an alert about your new Ad
  • Marketers post your Ad on their status/stories for 24 hours
  • After about 20 hours, you can log in again to check the stats about your Ad. Stats include reach, leads (people who showed interest), gender, location, etc. Leads are contact details of people who showed interest in your Ad. Leads are submitted by Marketers once they get some.
  • You can then follow up on the leads and talk to them about your product/service

What Happens Next

  • Your Ad now becomes available on the WhatsAd app itself. This means anyone who uses the app will see your Ad. It’s displayed amongst all the Ads on the app. If you want your Ad to appear on top of al other Ads, simple contact our support line to discuss payment. We call these Ads “Top Ads”. Tops Ads means your Ad will be the first on the category your Ad falls under
  • Your Ad will also have a WhatsApp chat link attached to it so that anyone can open a WhatsApp chat with you about your Ad. Users can also like and comment on your Ad right in the app.

Got questions? 

Send us a message on our WhatsApp Business support line using this link: 6945776

B. Marketers

Marketers are the users who share the Ads from Advertisers on their WhatsApp Status, and all other social media account/stories. A Marketer is required to share the Ad first on his/her WhatsApp Status before any other platform.

How To Join An Ad

Joining an Ad on WhatsAd is easy. There are two ways a Marketer can join an Ad. 

Note that before you even share an Ad, you’ll see the explanation behind it. Hence you’ll know how much you get paid for each Ad you share.

We’ll explain both ways below:

  1. New Ads: All new Ads that are posted by an Advertiser sends a notification to all Marketers. When this happens, Marketers can join the Ad and it is saved in their Optins in their WhatsAd account. We call these Ads “Optin Ads”.

Because the Ad is new, and because it is saved in your Optin, you get paid GHS0.50p for sharing that Ad.

Note that you are required to get a minimum of 50 views when you share the Ad on your WhatsApp Status.

Also, after sharing the Ad and getting at least 50 views, you are required to take a screenshot. 

You then submit this screenshot from your Optins. All new Ads that go into yout Optin requires you to submit a screenshot before you are paid. Please take note that only Ads in your Optin requires a screenshot.

NOTE: Optin Ads are treated on a first come first served basis. Meaning when a new Optin Ad is posted, you have to log in fast in order to join the Ad.

If you don’t want to miss this, you can subscribe to Notify Me First.

To join an Optin Ad, simply tap the share icon and share the Ad to your WhatsApp status. Make sure to paste the caption that comes along with the Ad. Once you tap the share icon, the caption of the Ad is copied automatically, so you can simply paste it alongside the Ad.

NOTE: If the caption contains a link, then post the caption twice: one alongside or under the Ad, and one on a separate status screen/page.

What Is Notify Me First? 

ensures that you get all newly posted Ads. That means you don’t have to rush to join a newly posted Ads. The subcription costs GHS1 and lasts for 7 days.

2. Already Existing Ads: After an Ad has been joined by all required Marketers, it becomes available to anyone else on the app. We call these Ads “Free Ads”. That is why you see many Ads on the Homescreen in the app. Now when you share such an Ad, you get paid in points (10 points).

Note: Ads that Ads are on the homescreen or timeline can be shared as many times as possible.

For each Free Ad you share, you get paid 10 points. The more you share, the more points you accumulate.

NOTE: For free Ads, you get free points for just 4 Ads in a day. Meaning if you share 10 Free Ads in a day, you’ll get 40 points for that day. This resets everyday. In order to get the free points, you need to subscribe to Notify Me First, for a week (7 days). Only NMF subscribers get the free points when they share free Ads.

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