All Your Questions Answered

All Your Questions Answered

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In this article, we’ll address the number one question that keeps coming to us almost every time: Why can’t I join an Ad?

There are several reasons to this and we’ll address them all in this article. Keep reading.

Advertiser’s Choice

Always note that WhatsAd doesn’t post Ads. It is the Advertisers that upload Ads for Marketers to download and post on their status.

While uploading their Ad, they have the option to choose:

1. Number of Marketers: This means that an Advertiser can choose a budget that enables his Ad to be joined by only 10, 100 or 1000 people. What this means is that once that number has been exhausted, no more Marketers can join the Ad. All this is done automatically.

2. Target Audience: One main reason behind Advertising is that you want to be able to target a particular customer base. On WhatsAd, we make this possible for our Advertisers. An Advertiser has the option to choose a certain target audience with: interests, age range, location, gender, campus, etc.

It means that if a particular Marketer doesn’t fall within the Advertiser’s target audience, he/she cannot join that particular Ad. You may see the Ad as a Marketer but you can’t join. Once you don’t see a join button, it simply means you can’t join and hence skip it for others.

3. Sponsored Ads: We recently introduced Sponsored Ads as a means to give Advertisers even more options for their Advertiser needs.

How Sponsored Ads work is that it displays the Ads inside the WhatsAd app itself. Meaning that all users of the platform get to see the Ad once they are logged in to the app.

Whenever you see an Ad marked ad Sponsored, it simply means it’s meant to display inside WhatsApp and not for Marketers to join.

A Few More Questions and Answers

– Q. Why can’t I join an Ad?

A. Read the above. It also depends on whether or not your profile meets the needs of the Advertiser. Make sure to fill all the details in your profile. Do well to provide only accurate information in your profile. The system scans and matches your profile to meet the target audience of the Advertiser.

– Q. How long does it take for withdrawal requests to be fulfilled?

A. It takes anywhere between 24 hours to 48 hours. When it comes to payments and withdrawal requests, we manually review all these. A marketer must meet all the requirements like: upload correct proof that matches the Ad they joined, not using any photo editing software to manipulate the proof, etc. Read our terms and conditions to know more.

– Q. I get notifications from the app but don’t see Ads to join when I log in

A. It’s a first come, first served situation on WhatsAd. Because the Advertiser chooses the actual number of Marketers he wants, you’ll have to log in early when a new Ad is posted so you don’t miss out. Make sure you have the App installed to receive notifications

– Q. I have subscribed to Notify Me First. How does it work?

A. Notify Me First gives you an advantage when a new Ad is posted by an Advertiser. Once you are subscribed, it’ll push the optin to your Optins. If the number of required Marketers for that particular Ads gets filled up, the next batch of those subscribed will get the next Ad posted. It works as a batch system hence once you are subscribed to Notify Me First, you surely get an Ad before your monthly subscription expires.

– Q. I can’t log in to my account

A. This happens because you may be logging in from a new device. When you see an error when trying to log in, simply use the Forgot Password option on the login screen. This will prompt you to enter your email. This email must be the same email you used in your profile.

Once you enter the email address, a new password will be sent to your email address. Use this new password to log in. Change the password immediately after you log in.

– Q. I can’t upload proof/screenshot

A. If you encounter such issues, simply try using a browser on your phone. Also, when you click or tap to select the screenshot, wait for about 30 seconds or more for the upload to complete. Some mobile devices save screenshots in high quality hence the image size gets big. So exercise patience when uploading a proof.

– Q. How can I upload an Ad as an Advertiser?

A. Simple. Just switch your account to Advertiser. Click on Create Ad and follow the prompt. Make sure that you have at least 10 cedis in your WhatsAd account. For sponsored Ads, make sure you have at least 200 cedis in your WhatsAd account.

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  1. Those of us using iPhone are finding it difficult to join the Ad on time.. Cos we can’t download the App in Apple store. please try n do something abt it. Thank you

    • Once you have 5 cedis or more in your account, you can always make a withdrawal request. Requests take 24 hours or more to be processed.

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