Content Planning and the Customer’s Journey

Content Planning and the Customer’s Journey

Before you write your advertising plan have in mind that all marketing involves content. Content powers every channel and without it, you cannot do effective advertising, SEO or even word of mouth.  Simply put, content is the voice of strategy.

Let’s establish some key points here.

  1. Awareness is created through content.
  2. Interest (buying) is generated through content.
  3. Content converts customers to clients.

When planning your content, use the stages of a customer’s journey as a guiding tool. Understanding how a buyer questions and objections change over time is key to the editorial plan. This helps you to get the most out of your content plan. For example, about 75% of B2B buyers decide in advance who to buy from then proceed to contact that supplier. This means as an advertiser, you must get on the buyer’s journey earlier than just talking about our goods and services at the purchasing stage.


A customer’s questions and objections changes as they move along their journey. No matter the kind of content, it should always have an intent. Whether its content for our emails, blogs or social media, the advertiser should consider the stage the buyer is in.

A customer’s questions and objections changes as they move along their journey.
The Consumer Journey

4 types of content on the customer’s journey.

  • Content that addresses awareness. It should tell your prospective buyer that you know and understand their problems.
  • Content that speaks to their consideration. The customer is weighing their pros and cons with your product. Now the customer has zeroed in and is seriously considering your brand.
  • Content that nurtures a lead. Your content should cultivate the principal that got the customer transfixed on your brand/products/service.
  • Content that converts. Develop content around case studies that build the customers trust in your products. And also addresses their objectives and goals.

So you see, there’s a need to map out the stages of the buyer’s journey. Then we can build an effective editorial (content) plan around each of those stages.

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