Marketing Tip: Cease Calling Everything ‘Content’

Marketing Tip: Cease Calling Everything ‘Content’

We always hear people talking about needing ‘content’ for their websites, blogs, and social channels.

For the past week, we have been taking lessons on content. How important it is and ways to maximize it. But what exactly is content? What should we be calling content? Does any kind of content work for us? How do we define content?

We have fallen into the practice of lumping all materials we put out together and not categorizing it to fit our marketing needs. Unfortunately, we are using the term content to literally describe anything everything and anything marketing.

And that’s the problem. Everything we put on the internet in the name of marketing, cannot be called content marketing. So lets’ define some types of material we put on the internet;

  • We can put articles on the internet. These articles can further be categorized into features, an explainer or an informational piece use for SEO.
  • Materials that call for action can be termed as advertising materials.
  • Or a newsletter etc.
importance of content in building consumer trust and subsequently relationship.
Types of content

The outcomes from the various material may be the same but if you understand that its purpose is not only to create ‘content’ then you would be more descriptive in your materials. This would help streamline your theme for writing and thus make your work easy.

Using the right terminology to describe your materials would help you to exhibit best practices in communication. And also improve your ability to narrow in on what you want to do. The opposite happens when we treat everything the same.

Do not put out just anything because everyone else is doing it. Do not treat every material as simply ‘content’ or that ‘content’ is simply your goal. Your goal is to provide value, information or experience.

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