A Time Before Billboards

Advertising billboards

Sometimes driving through the city can be quite an eyesore. At every turn, corner, block and street, ads are everywhere. Especially those ones we cannot absolutely ignore. Those looming billboards almost touching our skies. Every now and then, they make me wish I was born quite earlier. Why? Because until the 90’s they didn’t exist. … Read moreA Time Before Billboards

Marketing Tip: Cease Calling Everything ‘Content’

Stop calling everything content

We always hear people talking about needing ‘content’ for their websites, blogs, and social channels. For the past week, we have been taking lessons on content. How important it is and ways to maximize it. But what exactly is content? What should we be calling content? Does any kind of content work for us? How … Read moreMarketing Tip: Cease Calling Everything ‘Content’