Why WhatsApp and not any other social media platform?

Why WhatsApp and not any other social media platform?

We believe WhatsApp is better than any other social media platform to promote this business idea. It’s free, accessible, user-friendly and compatible with almost every smartphone.

So why WhatsAd and not TweetAd or SnapAd or Insta-Ad? First off, WhatsApp the has the largest user base in the Ghanaian market. So, I did a small survey of my tech-savvy friends and guess what? Out of 50 people, all of them were on WhatsApp, 35 on Twitter, 34 on Instagram and 20 on Snapchat. This should give us a fair idea of how important this app is.

Why WhatsApp and not any other social media platform
WhatsApp Stats

WhatsApp is a mobile application which allows you to send text messages including videos, audios and pictures to other users. It is used across a wide range of system software platforms including iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry etc. You see unlike the blackberry messenger, WhatsApp is not restricted to one operating system. Also, you are not bombarded with ads. We all know how annoyingly these ads get in the way especially when you are busy working on the internet.

The last thing that makes WhatsApp ideal is the number of people hooked on it. The numbers keep growing, the updates keep getting exciting and the ideas are overwhelming. Now turn those users into consumers and it’s simply mind-blowing.

What is the first thing the average Ghanaian does with their phones in the morning? 90% and more would say, checking on the status of their contacts. Or say how many of you have had to prompt something on their status? Now, how about you do that same thing but get paid this time around.

That is why have we at WhatsAd have decided to use this to bring financial freedom, one view at a time. And maybe in the near future, we may be a having our TweetAd after all if it promises to unseat WhatsApp.

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